Who We Serve 

Midwest Center for Youth and Families offers specialized residential treatment for children and adolescents with complex mental illness. Conditions we treat include but are not limited to: bipolar disorder, borderline features, depression, severe ADHD, suicidal and self-harming behaviors as well as the long term effects of low self-esteem.

We serve male and female youth ages 10-18. Our locked and secure, therapeutic residential units are separated by age and gender:

Midwest Center located in Kouts, IN (Take a virtual tour)

  • Male Unit (ages 10-18)
  • Female Unit (ages 10-14)
  • Female Adolescent Unit (ages 10-18)
  • Female Adolescent Unit (ages 10-18)

South Shore located in Valparaiso, IN (Take a virtual tour)

  • Female Adolescent Unit (ages 12-18)

“I really love DBT with all my heart! It has given me a way to cope with my life in a good way. I think DBT is a positive lifestyle change that is healthy and still lets you have fun.” -15 year old girl

Program and Treatment Facts

  • Residential, full immersion DBT program for both males and females ages 10-18
  • Locked and secure, pro-social and seclusion free environment
  • Fully accredited on-grounds school with curriculum that runs throughout the year
  • Clinical focus with 24 hour nursing, master-level clinicians, state licensed teachers and dietitian
  • Board certified psychiatrists attending to residents weekly
  • Family-centered treatment philosophy with lodging assistance provided on a case-by case basis
  • We offer a secure web-cam line for families and professionals to attend meetings remotely

At Midwest Center for Youth and Families, we understand the challenges parents face when caring for a child with a complex mental illness, and give families new tools and techniques to use every day in situations when their children are angry, sad and fearful. Please call us today so we can discuss your child’s needs and explore what we can do to help.