Midwest Center for Youth and Families is honored to serve children of military families. We provide comprehensive residential treatment for military-connected youth, ages 10 to 18 that experience pervasive emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric challenges that affect their functioning at home, in school, and within the community.

In addition to our residential treatment, Midwest Academy is an on grounds freeway-accredited school. Our DBT-trained and licensed educators offer a structured, individualized educational setting that allows students to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately.

Midwest Center for Youth and Families is a TRICARE®-certified, licensed and accredited residential treatment facility.

Always Here to Help

We are available at 888-629-3471 or 219-766-2999. You may also submit questions and concerns through our online form. If you are calling us about a child that is in immediate danger of harming themselves or others, please contact 911 for immediate assistance. Then, feel free to contact us, once your child is in a safe location.