DBT Residential Services

Midwest Center for Youth and Families’ residential Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Treatment Program helps children, adolescents and young adults create a life that’s worth living. We realize that each youth that enters our therapeutic residential program is unique in their strengths, needs, wants and desires—and because of that—we understand that each resident’s definition of a “life worth living” will be just as unique as the youth themselves. Our goal is to utilize our experience, knowledge and DBT treatment skills to help each resident identify who they are and where they want to be on their journey to recovery when they leave our facility.

Who We Serve

We provide residential DBT treatment for male and female youth ages 6-20. Our secured, therapeutic residential units are separated by the age and sex of the residents:

Kouts, Indiana Facility (Click here for our virtual tour)

  • Male pediatric unit (ages 6-12)
  • Female pediatric unit (ages 6-12)
  • Male adolescent unit (ages 13-20)
  • Female adolescent unit (ages 13-20)

Valparaiso, Indiana Facility (South Shore Academy) (Take a virtual tour)

  • Female adolescent unit (ages 12-20)

Our Residential DBT Treatment Program

While the approach and implementation of our DBT treatment may be adapted for the age and sex of the youth served, the following is a part of each resident’s treatment at Midwest Center for Youth and Families:

  • Your child will be immersed in a youth-centered, validating, supportive and therapeutic environment where DBT-trained staff will work daily with your child to teach, coach and give them feedback on their progress in using the DBT skills and achieving their treatment goals.
  • The highly structured DBT treatment programming allows each resident to learn and build upon the core DBT skills, regardless of their individualized length of stay in the program.
  • We complete a comprehensive emotional, physical, intellectual, social and psychiatric needs assessment and evaluation for every youth admitted to our residential program.
  • Your child has an individualized treatment plan developed just for them—one that is geared to their unique strengths, attributes, diagnosis, and needs.
  • A multiple-disciplinary treatment team will plan, provide and evaluate your child’s treatment and progress, in coordination with the resident, family and referral source.
  • Your child will benefit from the regularly scheduled therapeutic program on every unit:
    • Weekly individual therapy, with a strengths-based approach
    • Substance abuse treatment component for youth who require education regarding substance use and its impact on their mental health
    • Psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring
    • Daily, specialized, age-appropriate and gender-focused group therapy
    • Weekly family therapy
    • Arts Expressive Therapy
    • Activity groups using Music, Art and Teambuilding
  • Our family-inclusive DBT treatment program requires and provides for family education, participation and visitation with their child.
  • Licensed nursing staff are present on every unit, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to give oversight and medical support to your child.
  • Ongoing, year-round, core curriculum education for the primary and secondary grades is provided by our accredited school.
  • Our secured residential units provide a safe environment for your child—with a 1:4 staff to child ratio during the day and a 1:6 staff to child ratio during sleeping hours.
  • A nutrition screening and meal plan is developed for all residents by a licensed dietician.
  • Community-based recreational activities and outings are planned and organized for residents as a means for allowing youth to practice their newly learned DBT skills in a natural setting.
  • Services are designed and implemented in a culturally sensitive framework to acknowledge and honor differences among individuals, families and communities.

Our goal is to help your child succeed and find happiness in their life and to help you the parent support your child in that journey.

To help you in the Journey to Wellness with your child, we provide parents access to a Parent DBT Class that will give you new tools and skill sets for parenting and empowering a child with an emotional regulation disorder. To learn more about this opportunity, click here to read our Parent DBT Class Information.