Our Educators

Midwest Academy’s mission is to provide students the opportunity for a continued quality education, in a stable environment—moving them forward to their next level of academic achievement.

Our teachers maintain Indiana State licensing requirements and receive additional training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and crisis prevention and intervention—as well as participating in regular in-service trainings and semi-annual skills training sessions.

While in class, our educators work with students to:

  • Develop self esteem
  • Learn to cope with peer pressure
  • Learn to follow directions
  • Realize the importance of daily attendance
  • Learn to work within the social norms
  • Experience academic achievement

Prior to a child being discharged from Midwest Center for Youth and Families, our educators develop an educational reintegration plan. We believe a successful reintegration includes:

  • Determining educational needs and services
  • Developing an educational plan for the future
  • Ongoing review of skills and abilities for achievement
  • Transition plan in place for education
  • Wrap-around services for the family

At Midwest Academy, our educators believe:

  • Every child can learn—and each child is encouraged to reach to his/her full potential
  • We strive to provide challenging, stimulating and satisfying work for every student, every day
  • The quality of our school is directly related to the involvement and investment of teachers, staff, therapists and the entire community
  • Teachers, staff and therapists are committed to the ongoing task of continuous school improvement
  • Well educated students are the key to maintaining a healthy democracy. Therefore, we promise to elevate student proficiency and provide every possible opportunity for each student to succeed.


Midwest Academy Team of Educators

Principal: Ms. Roberta Woods
Phone: (888) 629-3471, Ext # 107
Email: [email protected]

K-5 Multi-Age Class Room Teacher:
Ms. Kerri Brubaker

Middle School Class Room Teacher: 
Mrs. Jenny Davis

Mr. Matthew McDaniel

High School Classroom Teachers:
Mrs. Nanci Tarantino

Mrs. Peggy Portelli

South Shore Academy Teacher:
Mrs. Brittany Sheets