Why Choose Midwest Center for Youth and Families?

Every parent faced with finding residential treatment options for their child, adolescent or young adult is bombarded with treatment options. Midwest Center for Youth and Families has a unique, behavior changing program that works.

Reason #1:  Our DBT Immersion Program

  • DBT is used in all aspects of our treatment program. Your loved one will be immersed in a DBT environment, which provides them an opportunity to learn, practice and observe DBT skills.
  • All of our staff from our maintenance staff to our CEO, is trained in DBT.
  • DBT has been proven to produce positive outcomes. The DBT treatment program has been empirically tested and proven to work.

Reason #2:  Family-Focused Treatment

  • We provide our treatment with a family-centered philosophy.
  • • We provide family therapy and education to assist families in understanding their child’s mental illness—and what they can do to help their child.
  • Families receive regular updates about their child’s progress throughout their treatment.
  • We provide DBT educational opportunities and resources for families to help them understand how DBT can work for their child.
  • Family consultation and/or assistance is provided in finding lodging locally, when out-of-town families plan to visit their child or take part in family therapy.

“Placing our child in residential treatment was a gut-wrenching decision for us. But we’re glad we did make this decision. You helped us be able to reunite with our daughter emotionally again. Your dedication and genuine care for our daughter while she was with you allowed us the freedom to believe that life for her and us could be different. We know that there are many families waiting with hope”

Reason #3:  Staff and Facility Credentialing

  • Our facilities and residential DBT programs are accredited by The Joint Commission.
  • We are licensed by the state of Indiana Childcare Institution as a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.
  • We hire experienced, caring staff members to provide care and treatment for your child:
    • Board-Certified Psychiatrists
    • Licensed and Registered Nurses
    • Licensed and Masters-Level Therapists
    • Skilled and experienced Behavioral Health Care Associates
    • State-Licensed Teachers

Reason #4:  Referrals and Admissions

  • Our Intake staff are highly skilled and experienced clinicians who take the time to understand a family’s concerns regarding their child and determine if placement at our facility is appropriate.
  • It is easy to make a referral to our residential DBT program by phone, fax, or email.
  • Our experienced financial and utilization review staff will confirm insurance benefits and eligibility.